Among our donated books received,  HLF sometimes receives older “collector books” which are for sale as part of our ongoing fundraising to benefit the library. The following books are believed to be valued at $100 or more … “We are open to offers” on any you may be interested in. Please contact  Shirley Wilson, (615) 824-1203 for inspection and purchase. Remember that all purchases do benefit the library and are tax deduxctable!!

Buel, J.W. Heros of the Dark Continent, 1890, 500 engravings. Cover damaged, plates fine, book in fair to good condition. Book fair appraisal $50+ (ABE: $100)

Disney, Walt. Donald Duck: Fifty Years of Happy Frustration, Los Angeles: HP Books,  Three Duck Edition published in 1984.  This is an encased, numbered edition (#2710 of 5000) in like-new condition. It contains personal letters from Jack hannah, Carl Brooks, Clarence “Ducky” Nash (Donald’s voice) and a signed “The Duck Family Tree” illustration by Wlm. Van Horn. ABE says $90 without numbered edition, book fair appraiser said $125+.

Rackman, Artur. The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. London: MacMillan & Co. Limited, 1917. Leather cover, book mended and rebound devalues it, but even then book fair appraiser said at least $150.

Simkin, Colin. Currier & Ives Treasury, 1955. 80 full color prints, dust jacket disintegrating, book in good condition. $50-$75.

Twain, Mark. Life on the Mississippi. NYC: James R. Osgood & Co, 1883. Listed as “sold by subscription only”. Brown cover with gold embossing on front cover and spine, over 300 illustrations. Apparently a first edition, second state. Mark Twain’s bust in flames not on page 441 and the caption on page 443 corrected to read “The St. Charles Hotel”. Loose cover, otherwise in very good condition. Book fair appraiser hinted not too valuable but ABE: $300.


Kahn, Roger. The Boys of Summer. Norwalk, Connecticut: The Easton Press, 1992. Leather bound, collector’s edition, gold pages, excellent condition. $50.

Malamud, Bernard. The Natural. Norwalk, Connecticut: The Easton Press, 1992, leather bound, collectors edition, excellent condition. $70-$100.